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When you contact me for the purpose of possibly officiating your wedding, here is a brief synopsis of what will occur. First, I'll email you a Questionnare to be filled out as best you can and bring with you to our first meeting. This form will provide me with information such as when and where the wedding will take place. Who the participants will be. What type of service are you looking for. How many guests are you expecting. By having this information in front of me at our first meeting we can save considerable time. We will then arrange a time and place for the Bride, Groom, and myself to meet. At this brief meeting we will get to know each other and make sure that what I have to offer fits your needs. We will go over a few more details that are on the questionnaire and if you feel we are a match, we will enter into a contractual agreement. This is strictly a no obligation meeting and you will not be pressured into signing a contract if you are not ready to do so. There is no fee associated with this meeting. Just remember, your wedding date will not be placed on my calendar without a signed contract.